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Interpreter is a program that simulates a virtual machine using the programming language as its machine language. Interpreter reads statement, analyzes it and runs it with the appropriate instruction in the virtual machine. Interpreter has optional functions, namely interactive interpreter, in which the way of running it is by repetition reading - evaluation - printing.

Interpretation is a communication process through verbal communication or movement between two or more speakers who cannot use the same symbols, either simultaneously (known as simultaneous interpretation) or sequentially (known as sequential interpretation). By definition, interpretation is only used as a method if needed. If an object (artwork, speech, etc.) has a quite clear meaning, then the object will not invite an interpretation. The term interpretation itself can refer to the ongoing process of interpretation or its result.

An interpretation could be part of a presentation or depiction of information that is changed to conform with a set of specific symbols. Such information may be verbal, in writing, drawing, mathematic, or other forms of language. Complex meanings may arise when an interpreter, whether consciously or not, performs a cross-reference to an object by placing it in the framework of experience and wider knowledge.

The purpose of interpretation is to improve understanding. Sometimes, however, as in propaganda or brainwashing, the goal is just to confuse understanding and create confusion.

Both translator and interpreter translate. However, interpreter is required to think faster than the translator. Translators have the opportunity to open a dictionary and other tools, while interpreter do not. Broadly speaking, there are two types of interpreting:

1. Simultaneous Interpreting
Interpreters translate into the target language as quickly as possible, while the source language speaker continues speaking.

2. Consecutive Interpreting
Interpreter speaks after the source language speaker has finished speaking.

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